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I love my brothers and love the digs around here!!

I love my brothers and love the digs around here!!





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After the storms and tornadoes:

There is still work to be done….

Posey takes credit for dish duty in the "Cat House"

Posey takes credit for dish duty in the “Cat House”

Many wonderful people worked hard to do what was right for the animals lost and injured in the horrible storms just weeks ago.  Just because the  story is out of the news does not mean it is all behind us, however.  We are so grateful to those who gave when there is not much extra in our budgets these days. Those with millions gave the least, but those who felt the pinch of $5.00, gave it with love.  We  are  so touched by those gifts most of all.

Dinah is happy to keep her imaginary "babies" In order and talk all day long!  She is a happy rescued kitty who loves her home.

Dinah is happy to keep her imaginary “babies” In order and talk all day long! She is a happy rescued kitty who loves her home.

There were many happy reunions……tears all around for those families who found their four legged family members!!!  40 cats and 60 dogs were reunited from one sanctuary alone!  Through rescue/sanctuary facilities and networking, hundreds of animals found their way home across the storm path.

We have to double up for awhile for newcomers....

We have to double up for awhile for newcomers….

There are so many, however who were not as lucky, but still found people who cared enough to get them to safety and care when they were lost and hurt.  OSU School of Veterinary Medicine was nothing less than amazing for their around the clock trauma care, surgical abilities and general health care for the injured.  They gave all they had to save lives and give life to animals who would not have had a chance at life.  The GENEROSITY AND GOOD HEARTS that drove those Vets and staff members was nothing less than spectacular and certainly refreshing and uplifting in a day when greed rules the actions of so many. There are no words to properly thank those who put their oath to the test in this time of great need.

If You Are Ready To Give 100% Love, There Is a Pet Waiting For You!!

These animals are now much healthier and are desperately needing homes.  Some had been badly injured and some have lost limbs, but they are happy and grateful and otherwise healthy.  They will make wonderful and loving pets. Animals are so resilient if given the chance at life and ALWAYS give much more in return.  Call  local animal shelters if you are interested in bring a loving pet to your home, or call us for referrals at 405-485-8828. We can help to get you in touch with a facility that might have the type of pet you may be perfect for. Please put thought into the pet that will add to your family.  Some are more suited for quieter homes while some may love the attention of children.  Some may need larger yards and some might just be perfect for an apartment as an indoor pet. These details can make a huge difference in your choices.

These are BIG SHOES to fill!!  We're going wherever these shoes go!!

These are BIG SHOES to fill!! We’re going wherever these shoes go!!

All we ask is that, with so many animals needing homes, PLEASE don’t buy from Puppy Mills.  As we say in our regular web writings, MANY animals who are pure bred and registered are dropped off at shelters by people who have decided they did not want them. Now, after the storms, there are thousands of animals needing homes. Please consider taking one or two for your home and loving them as they deserve. PUPPY MILLS ARE OFTEN CRUEL, UNNECESSARY AND GREEDY and UNNECESSARY when so many animals are awaiting death at the shelters.

Many animals from OSU and other animal rescue locations have NOT been claimed and are available for adoption. after all efforts to find their owners were exhausted.  There are hundreds of special pets who need special people. If you are one of those who is good in your heart and loving in nature, call the facilities and apply.  Each pet has been spayed/neutered with all shots and locator chip.  They just need a loving home and they depend on truly good hearts to make that happen. Just like the people of Oklahoma, life will never be the same and they need the love of others to rebuild a good life.  Please, step up and do your part.

Many rescue sanctuaries, like ours, vow to keep the  animals who can not find homes at our locations.  We  we will never turn our backs on them.  If you can not adopt an animal, please give to a sanctuary for the housing, feeding and medical needs for the animals for the duration of their lives.  ANY DONATION helps….even laundry soap from the Dollar Tree does wonders!!!

We are the blanket washing supervisors. The soap in the orange bottle the best...fresh, clean and fluffy blankets are just the BEST!!!

Most sanctuaries are over-full and doing all they can to make it all work. Your communities can still help.  Just don’t forget we are all still here and still working at recovery.


Arthur says "don't forget the animals!!!  We need to get home"!!

Arthur says “don’t forget the animals!!!  Their people need them at  home, safe and sound”!!



Many sent towels that were needed and used, some made soft fleece blankets JUST THE RIGHT SIZE for cages and recovery rooms…..Your kindness was appreciated and will never be forgotten.

THANK YOU to officers and public officials who supported animal rescue and recovery.  Not all Oklahoma leaders involved or supportive,  but they fail regularly to support animal needs or rights. For those wonderful people who did all you could as you also helped our fellow citizens, THANK YOU!

Oklahoma tornadoes: When animals, owners reunite ‘it’s sheer joy,‘ says Oklahoma disaster volunteer

NhaORMAN — Nothing compares to watching a tornado victim reunite with a pet, volunteer Jerry Means says. “It’s the coolest thing ever. Not watching the human, so much — they’re excited, but that’s to be expected — but I mean watching the animal,” Means said.

NewsOK Logo

These programs were highly successful after the last few horrific storms and the joy from someone who finds their dog, horse or kitty is indescribable!

Denny Crane is packed and ready to go to the "fraidy hole".

Denny Crane is packed and ready to go to the “fraidy hole”.




PLEASE!  Don't stop RESCUING and don't stop LOOKING!! many of us are HERE, waiting for you!!  Bless all the souls in Oklahoma.....including ours.

PLEASE! Don’t stop RESCUING and don’t stop LOOKING!! Many of us are HERE, waiting for you!! Bless all the souls in Oklahoma…..including ours.


Jamie is like a Doplar Radar system....She knows when bad weather is coming before anyone.  We know to never doubt her!!

Jamie is like a four legged Radar system….She knows when bad weather is coming before anyone. We know to never doubt her!!

For those of you who are able to make a financial donation to house unclaimed animals, PETS WITHOUT PARENTS, INC. has a special disaster relief account set up to ensure all funds go to this specific need.  Please make checks payable to:

Pets Without Parents, Inc.

Oklahoma Designated Relief Fund

WK 05-19-13


2420 Springer Drive     St. #205

Norman, Oklahoma               73069

Every cent of this fund is designated for the rescue, care and sanctuary of pets and animals suffering from this disaster. It is our goal to house and care for these lost and injured pets until they are reunited with their families.


Pets Without Parents, Inc.


Tiny Babies, left alone and abandoned. Who could do that? Let's do better, Oklahoma, and stop the cruelty.

Tiny Babies, left alone and abandoned. Who could do that? Let’s do better, Oklahoma, and stop the cruelty.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”      Mahatma Gandhi


“Personal time” with each animal is important for many reasons. Each animal is loved on, talked to, fed the proper amount of food, checked for good health and mood and is made to feel important and special every day.

We offer a safe haven for animals who have faced abandonment, abuse, injury  tragedy, illness and loss.  Each dog, cat, bird and farm animal has a reason to be here and each has a story that matters. We are not an animal shelter. With few exceptions, each animal stays with us for life. Many are scarred physically and emotionally and we feel they have been through such trauma and change, they deserve stability. This is mostly true of the older animals.
We give great care, lots of love, peace, great food, no cages and lots of room to run with ALL of their new brothers and sisters. No one is in fear, in pain, hungry, cold, hot or thirsty…. and they know they are loved.

Although we have few two legged helpers, we give all we can for our “family” and more times than not their needs just have to come first.  Each of our residents has a name, usually a “silly song” they love to hear over and over with embarrassing lyrics and a cartoon voice we work hard to keep among “family”. They depend on our patterns and  routines to build their confidence and trust in us. We are calling on the good people of Oklahoma to set an example by doing what is right for all living things.  This is the basis of a “good life”.

Tools of the trade! The best "ambulance" in town. We can get anywhere fast, when it is needed.

Tools of the trade! The best “ambulance” in town. We can get anywhere fast, when it is needed.

We try to educate about SPAYING AND NEUTERING of all pets, even “barn kitties”. We just can’t say it enough.  There are just more kittens and puppies than there are homes.  Although we are THRILLED to hear a good person has ADOPTED a lucky pet, we also know that without Spay/Neuter, more animals will come who will not be as fortunate. We repeat and repeat….we ask even those who must have” pure bred” breeds, LOOK AT THE ANIMAL SHELTER FIRST. 20% of animals at shelters across the country are pure bred whose owner did not research the breed and did not like what the dog was bred to be. They get abandoned like any other unwanted pet.

Is Charles back from Pets Mart???

Is Charles back from Pets Mart???

There MUST BE MORE LOW COST SPAY/NEUTER CLINICS available to our citizens who need help to do the right thing.  Local Veterinarians in many of our rural towns WILL NOT donate their time or give up the full fee to help.  This was our biggest disappointment, but we will not give up!!  There MUST be bigger hearts out there who will give back to their communities and STILL make the big bucks!

Our local leaders do not consider this an important topic. We have often started the discussion at City Council meetings in many towns, but the old ways are stuck in their minds and they feel the topic is not worth consideration. It is in these meetings we learn who is who in the fight against cruelty toward anyone or anything. It simply is a fact of life, especially in difficult economic times, animals, elderly and children lose first and lose the most.

Explore all of our chapters. Click the tabs at the top and learn what we are up to, pet tips, about our community, our heroes, as well as what a unique and special place we have here.  You might find it will give you hope that together we can do what is right for all animals.  We can work toward no one being  hungry, afraid or in danger.  We do our best with the resources we have and we are sure you have never seen a place quite like the 14 Acre Wood.

Valentino had a smile for everyone!  He knew when he was among friends.

Valentino had a smile for everyone! He knew when he was among friends.

“Never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way”.           Martin Luther King, Jr.

We feel that good people walk among all people and do what is right for everyone who needs help. It is a great deal easier to only circulate among people who think like us and act as we do but ignore wonderful beings that can bring something new to our lives.  Sometimes that “someone” walks on four legs. We support the use of wonderful dogs and kitties to bring peace to people in need. They have that special sense that people don’t have that comes through their eyes to bring peace and understanding.

When does the person who operates these devices show up??

When does the person who operates these devices show up??


Native American Wisdom

In the beginning of all things, wisdom and knowledge were with

This should never happen in a community that has the ability to avoid unwanted births. SPAY AND NEUTER ALL PETS and avoid the sadness and cruelty of abandoned pets.

This should never happen in a community that has the ability to avoid unwanted births. SPAY AND NEUTER ALL PETS and avoid the sadness and cruelty of abandoned pets.

the animals, for Tirawa, The One Above

did not speak directly to man.

He sent certain animals to tell men that he showed himself through

the beasts,

and from them,

and from the stars, and from the sun and the moon

should man learn.

Eagle Chief Letakots-Lesa

Rainy brought joy wherever she went.  She knew how special she was to us and how much she was loved.....She will always be our angel.

Rainy brought joy wherever she went. She knew how special she was to us and how much she was loved…..She will always be our angel.

…through them, should man learn.

One of our most important rules is that each animal learn they are important and loved, but no one is more important than the other.  We all have to live in harmony.  That is the way of our ancestors, the Chickasaw Indians, and we truly believe in that spirit here, every day. We strive to simply do what is right for each creature because each has the right to share this earth equally with all others.  As Native Americans, we are thankful to all of the animals for what they contribute to this world. We have faith, even in hard times, as Oklahoma Native Americans, we can and should do more for the animals to whom we owe our lives and give back to the earth that sustained life for us all.  A few cruel hearts can not stop a new wave of doing right for the animals and stopping needless suffering.

Smile, Jamie!  You've done well.

Smile, Jamie! You’ve done well.

Wake up, Oklahoma!  Let’s learn that it is never too late to right the wrongs around us.  Mistreating animals or leaving them to fend for themselves when we have ruined or used up what they need to survive is wrong. People who do wrong, can do right if those around them require it.  Many who are unkind to animals prove to be unkind to children and others who are equally undeserving of bad treatment.  Start in your community and do not permit animals to be mistreated.  If you see it, stop it.  Speak up and make it right.


How We Began

The animals who found their way to us did so through truly dire circumstances.  They never gave us a chance to “decide” to begin our charitable efforts.  For that reason we refer to ourselves as a crisis rescue and sanctuary.  We are enthusiastic believers in responsible pet ownership.  That ideal and belief includes expectations that our community will  prevent the birth of unwanted animals and spare the pain and suffering  that overpopulation brings.  Those who are contributing to this RAMPANT  problem choose to abandon or “dump” unwanted litters into rural areas and forget about them.  Spay/Neuter is a simple concept, yet next to impossible, it seems, to get across. OLD IDEAS and refusal to address a simple solution is holding us back from successes found in other progressive communities.

Nature gave us the next “hints” about our purpose. An F-5 TORNADO came our way and scattered life unmercifully all around us. This event brought strangers together in the oddest fashion. We worked with the Police and Rescue personnel to find, rescue, tend to medical needs and many times, eventually, reunite all sorts of animals with their owners. Some stayed with us, however as their owners never found their way. A network of caring people accepted that the animals were important too and even notified us of hamsters, still in the cage, needed to find the child that once cared for them. They did.

This is one of the busiest rooms of the facility. Three ovens roast all night for the next day's menu from the "cat house" kitchen....It is far better stocked than the "people house" kitchen!

This is one of the busiest rooms of the facility. Three ovens roast all night for the next day’s menu from the “cat house” kitchen….It is far better stocked than the “people house” kitchen!

Hurricane Katrina was another event that gathered like minded people from our area to load up needed supplies for animal care in van and caravan to the New Orleans area.  Many animals, through many excellent organizations were saved and some were reunited with happy owners. In some cases, those reunions were years later as the pet went with rescue people one way and their “people” went another. Even the news media helped to locate animals needing rescue and notified the network of their whereabouts. It was so wonderful to see the people pull together to do amazing things just from their common sense and will to step up and do what it took to help. .

When we returned home, we were suddenly a full blown REHAB SANCTUARY. From that day on, it never stopped or even slowed down. Episodes of bad things multiplied and…here we are today, overwhelmed and doing all we know how to do for what feels right in our hearts. The problems are just so big and answers are fewer and fewer.

It can't happen without a great team. Dr. David and staff see us for who we are and what we TRY to do in rural Oklahoma.

It can’t happen without a great team. Dr. David and staff see us for who we are and what we TRY to do in rural Oklahoma.

Though the beginnings of our relationships with these special animals are often sad, every day we work to turn that around.  We begin with the finest Veterinary services and medical care.It is always necessary to undo the damage people have caused and give the animal a chance to fight to live. It doesn’t take long for them to know someone is trying to help. Once they receive a clean bill of health from “the team“, we work to gently introduce the “new little guy/girl” into our facility and find where he/she will be most content.  From that time on, we work to erase the sadness and replace it with love, excellent nutrition, preventive medical care, safety, toys, peace, attention, fun and contentment.

Building safe, comfortable accommodations for our growing needs and special animals has been a continuous challenge.This is a big reason why we are different and unusual. There is a place for everyone based on their needs, but the facility must also be organized and workable for us. All facilities are heated and cooled with music and access to laundry, meal prep areas and security.

We are able to function because of donations provided by people like you who see a bit of our vision and know in your hearts someone must help,  If not you or I then who?  Donations are very limited and are getting less frequent, but we use every cent to do what must be done for the animals. Stopping the births is the only long term answer. Our biggest hope is to one day realize our facility and daily work is no longer needed and every little heart has a loving home, making this world a sweeter and kinder place. Everyone needs a dream.

“This trash bag BOX came from Target, our Favorite Store!! They have better boxes.” ( Etta Joyce)

Comments on: "About Us" (3)

  1. Angela Porterfield said:

    Pets Without Parents is an amazing organization run by an amazing woman. I admire and appreciate all you do for our less fortunate furry friends.

  2. Gil Purcell said:

    CAUTION: For anyone visiting this website, please be aware that this website and charity is the original “Pets Without Parents” – a name which when googled these days unfortunately shows results for many UNRELATED outfits in various states such as Ohio and Tennessee. Each of those organizations have no relationship with the original Pets Without Parents – dontations sent to them do not reach the deserving animals and efforts of this admirable charity.

    Please be certain who you are emailing and corresponding with when using the Pets Without Parents domain. Only gets you to the original website.

  3. cscott31 said:

    Nothing gives me quite so much joy as when people tell me they’ve had their pets spayed or neutered.” – Bob Barker, Animal Lover and Original Host of “The Price Is Right”

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